Pictures from the Farm. We will add new ones from time to time so be sure to come back!
I think Musket liked the snow!
Musket is very expressive!
He thinks I'm so funny LOL!
Sugar Bair all tuckered out.
Kelly and Bo
Alan and Jerry
Smokey Bair and Teddy Bair
The new deck and my master builder, Angel!
Eeyore, Tom and Jerry with Maggie in the background stealing their food!
Tanner, Honey, Maggie, Musket, Eeyore, and Bo
Tom is hoping I have a carrot!
The Arena. This is the way it looked when the previous owners had it. They took all the fencing and those are their horse trailers
Lemons on my lemon tree!
Lots of canning!
Eeyore and his pet rooster
my grandson Bradyn and daughter Rachel petting the goats.
Bradyn and Rachel enjoying a little pool time
Eeyore and Kelly. 
Breathtaking view from the upper pasture
Putting the grandkids to work
This is Romeo
Mr. Turtle
The horses were so happy for water, they decided to show their appreciation LOL
Alan and Bo
Stocking up for winter

Super moon. I took this shot through my telescope!
Alan and Musket. Both of these guys are just love bugs!
Abby Bair aka Abby Kardashian - she is beautiful and loves to put her big ole butt in my lap!
Mama always said, put on clean underwear. She should have also said, keep your legs shaved in case a horse kicks you and you want to show pictures!
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Its old, and it needs work, but it is what we could afford. Maybe one day we can afford a newer one.
Bo and my sweet Sylvester the cat. Sylvester was killed, sadly, by a car speeding down our old country road. He was such a sweet cat and I miss him every day. He greeted me every morning and every evening when I let the dogs out before going to work and before bed time. RIP Sylvester!
My Honey Bunny
My Shoulder Tat
Michelle my Bell
Two of my grandkids - Aja and Bradyn
Mama and her girls. Me with my daughters, Leslie and Rachel
Sugar and Teddy
My Grandmother, Thelma and my grandkids Joshua and Anna Grace
Just a chicken on the porch
Just horsing around
Baby deer got caught in the fence and lost a hoof. We tended to her for a couple of days until we could get her to a rescue place.
The chicken run
Alan's Medals
Joshua helping out
Joshua and Anna Grace giving carrots to Eeyore, Tom, and Jerry
I am the animal whisperer